Bufficorn Ultra Rare Shirt [2018]

Bufficorn Ultra Rare Shirt [2018]

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From our top-secret Bufficorn graphics lab to your closet, this soft t-shirt is decorated with the original 2018 Bufficorn graphic. With only 100 ever made, this is a chance to own a piece of Bufficorn history!

About the Bufficorn
The Bufficorn is a magical fantastical animal that represents the collaborative spirit of ETHDenver. They live in communities atop Colorado's 14er mountain peaks and strive to serve their communities above their own selfish interests. The Bufficorn’s rallying cry is "BUIDL!". Those who subscribe to the collaborative community nature of the Bufficorn will honor this incredible creature by replicating its call to action! Want to learn more about the Bufficorn’s origin story? Click here!


  • Pink.
  • Cotton blend.
  • Ribbed trim at neck.
  • Machine wash.
  • Import.