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BUIDLQuest Sponsorship Unit
BUIDLQuest Sponsorship Unit

BUIDLQuest Sponsorship Unit

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BUIDLQuests - Think of it as a treasure hunt for attendees, where they can earn BUIDL to redeem for food and merchandise throughout the event. And here’s the best part:

ALL sponsors, including Block sponsors, can get in on the action. It’s a win-win situation – attendees get what they want, and sponsors get exposure. Plus, any unused funds will be returned to sponsors by April 15th. No need to worry about excess swag inventory or management headaches to boost attendee engagement.

Elevate your brand and engage directly with attendees through BUIDLQuests, a thrilling treasure hunt at our event. By sponsoring BUIDLQuests, your brand will be in the spotlight, offering you a unique way to connect and interact. Here's why it's a golden opportunity:

Direct Engagement: Craft custom quests and reward attendees with BUIDL tokens for interacting with your brand, driving traffic and engagement to your booth.

Flexibility in Funding: Start with as little as $1,000, with a minimum of $3,000 to unlock exclusive benefits including an IYK Disc and eligibility for "Tap your badge at our booth" quests.

Guaranteed ROI: Unused BUIDL tokens will be refunded to you in USDC by April 15, 2024, ensuring your investment is fully utilized.

Tiered Sponsorship: Sponsorship level options up to $15,000 for Block Sponsors up to $100,000 for Presenting Sponsors, each offering unique visibility and engagement opportunities.

Redeemable Rewards: Attendees can use BUIDL tokens for delicious food, exclusive merchandise, and unique swag, making their experience memorable.

Join BUIDLQuests and transform the event experience for attendees while putting your brand front and center and acquiring information about your community.

For more details about quests visit https://ethden.page.link/Buidlquests.

Don't miss this chance to make a lasting impact and connect with the community in a meaningful way. Add increments of $1,000 and add to your cart.