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Centennial Room - 10AM - 12PM - Saturday
Centennial Room - 10AM - 12PM - Saturday
Centennial Room - 10AM - 12PM - Saturday
Centennial Room - 10AM - 12PM - Saturday

Centennial Room - 10AM - 12PM - Saturday

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Date: Saturday 2nd of March

Welcome to the Centennial Tiki Room, an enchanting rental bar space located within the majestic Spork Castle on the top floor. This unique venue provides a vibrant and exotic atmosphere for hosting a variety of events. Whether you're organizing a community gathering, a networking event, or a casual social mixer, the Centennial Tiki Room offers a captivating setting that can comfortably accommodate up to 90 guests.

Location: Spork Castle, Top Floor

Capacity: 90 guests

Seating Options: A mix of low tables, high-top tables, and bar seating to cater to different preferences and event styles.

Event Duration and Schedule: Begin with 1 hour allocated for setting up your space exactly as you envision, ensuring every detail is just right. This is followed by 2 hours dedicated to bar service, providing ample time for presentations, networking, and engaging conversations. Please note, guests are kindly asked to depart from the lounge at the conclusion of the 2-hour period to accommodate the preparation for subsequent events. 

Exclusive Inclusions:


  • TV at entrance to display the sponsor’s logo and information about the happy hour currently taking place (or that is upcoming)
  • TV inside with hdmi cable to plug a device into such as a laptop with a presentation

Speaker with microphone for happy hour host to use to speak to guests (example)

Beverage Service: An open bar stocked with an array of beverages to suit every taste, including Coors Beers, Franciscan Wines (Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio), Skyy Vodka, Pendleton Whiskey/Bourbon, Tanqueray Gin, Captain Morgan Rum, and an assortment of Pepsi products, mixers, and juices.

Decor: The lounge is outfitted with essential decor and lighting, providing a versatile canvas for your event. You are encouraged to enhance this space with your own decorative touches, including tabletop items, banners, and more, to craft an ambiance that mirrors your event's theme. Please note, to preserve the integrity of the venue, we ask that nothing be affixed to the walls or ceilings.

Additional Offerings:

Optional Food Service: Enhance your event with culinary delights by pre-arranging catering services with our exclusive caterer, CaterWest. For a seamless experience, reach out to beckykrizman@thessagroup.com at least two weeks prior to your event. If you’re an event sponsor, you can also coordinate catering via your sponsor concierge.

Please Note:

Guests will be granted access at the designated start time of your event, ensuring exclusivity and privacy.

Our dedicated open bar room attendant will be at your service to ensure your event runs smoothly and your guests are well taken care of.

The #BUIDLHub Beach Lounge offers a versatile and inviting space that promises to make your event a memorable one, blending professional needs with leisurely comforts in a unique beach lounge setting.