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#1 - Sporkaloo - SporkWhale Forever
#1 - Sporkaloo - SporkWhale Forever

#1 - Sporkaloo - SporkWhale Forever

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Sporkaloo, a wise and ancient whale whose shimmering scales reflected the wisdom of countless transactions. Sporkaloo was revered by the pod as the keeper of the Ethereum Oracle, guiding them through the turbulent waters of uncertainty.

Golden Sporks: 1

Iridescent Sporks: 1

Shirt 1: "Mitch the Merchman's" 2024 Steward Hoodie

Accessory 1: Bufficorn Pokerchip

Each SporkWhale is unique and certified by a Proof of Ownership NFT.  To receive the NFT purchasers must include a valid Polygon address with their order.  By NFTW

Purchasing this item DOES NOT grant you SporkWhale VIP status "forever", however entering your wallet address you will earn 2 $SPORK per dollar for the purchase.