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#27 - Sporksworth  - SporkWhale Forever
#27 - Sporksworth  - SporkWhale Forever

#27 - Sporksworth - SporkWhale Forever

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Sporksworth, the venerable elder of the pod, imparted ancient wisdom passed down through generations of Spork Whales, his words a beacon of hope in a sea of uncertainty.

Golden Sporks: 1

Shirt 1: ETHDenver Black Logo Shirt - Men's Cut

Accessory 1: SporkWhale Cashmere (Navy Blue SporkWhale Scarf)

Accessory 2: PegaBufficorn PJ Pants

Each SporkWhale is unique and certified by a Proof of Ownership NFT.  To receive the NFT purchasers must include a valid Polygon address with their order. By NFTW

Purchasing one of these items DOES NOT grant you SporkWhale VIP status "forever", however entering your wallet address you will earn 2 $SPORK per dollar for the purchase.